CCleaner Review 2021

CCleaner is a free tool for cleaning unnecessary data and unused files, as well as for optimizing the performance of popular applications, browsers, and the operating system.

The Best Review of CCleaner

If you feel that Windows is not as fast and stable as immediately after installation, then perhaps the blog “A few signs that you need to reinstall Windows” will help you decide to reinstall, and the blog “My method of reinstalling Windows: fast, reliable and safe “- will help you do it quickly. Well, if you are too lazy to reinstall or there is no time, and the space on the system disk is running out, then why not try cleaning with utilities?

CCleaner for Mac is another tool to help you fix slow Mac computers. It promises to protect your privacy, making your computer safer and faster. According to the software’s web page, they have been featured on, inter alia, the BBC, Telegraph, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. The free version of CCleaner for Mac offers a faster computer and protects your privacy. The professional version offers everything the free version has to offer.

Service column in ccleaner review contains all other CCleaner functions, that is, it is divided into:

  1. Startup.
  2. Removing programs.
  3. Erasing a disc.
  4. System Restore.

Working on a computer periodically leads to the appearance of some failures, errors caused by both actions and inaction of the user. The computer is known to need to be cleaned periodically. Upon detecting an infection, any of these services produce approximately the same message as in Figure 5.1 (here the file system screen worked for us). A dangerous operation is blocked, and a dangerous file is sent to quarantine – to a certain reliably protected folder, where it will not pose any danger. But if you are one hundred percent sure that this is not a virus, but a normal file, you can click on the link Mark file as “false alarm” (bottom line in our picture).

The Secret of CCleaner’s Popularity

CCleaner is the most popular Windows cleaner and optimizer. The program cleans the registry, disk space is equipped with a disk space analyzer, an uninstaller, an autoload manager, a full disk erases function, and other useful things. The secret behind CCleaner’s popularity is trivial: it’s just well done. The program is free from the start, it has a paid Pro version, but the developers do not strictly tie us to it. All useful functionality is available in the free version. CCleaner is not overloaded with anything superfluous, it conducts its work processes promptly. And the friendly user interface does not scare off newbies and allows the program to acquire a loyal audience.

CCleaner has become a very popular tool since its launch in 2003. Some numbers show that nearly 2 billion have been downloaded since the software was launched. There are currently 5 different versions of the Software, each with a different purpose:

  • Compiled Standard Version: This is the most suggested version. It is said to be heavier than other versions and comes with a Yahoo toolbar. Please note that the installation of the toolbar is optional.
  • Elegant version: This version is available without the Yahoo toolbar. We recommend this particular version for all non-mobile applications.
  • Portable Version: With this version, you can use CCleaner on multiple PCs without having to install it every time. This solution is ideal for mobile use and you can install the software on a USB stick without any problem. The Yahoo bar is missing in this version.
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