Does VDR software has an integrated antivirus solution?

One of the progressive approaches to automation and optimization of business processes is the use of Virtual Data Rooms. This article will analyze this platform from a security perspective.

Information security and protection of personal data in Data Room services

If your company starts working with virtual services, you need to seriously analyze them. It is very important to understand what cloud storage is in order to manage it properly and avoid information leakage. Today, virtual repositories have become as convenient as possible for users and allow abandoning physical storage in any business sphere. For instance, Data Room due diligence is widely used in the financial sector. 

Now all company data and various documents are stored in the network and accordingly take place only on servers of providers. On the one hand, such a solution can be considered convenient, on the other hand, it is not clear whether third parties can access the data. To understand this, you need to turn to modern standards of information security in Data Rooms.

Threats to the virtual infrastructure of Data Rooms 

The main function of the Electronic data room providers is to provide users with remote dynamic access to services, computing resources, and applications, including operating systems, and infrastructure through various access channels, including the Internet. Such a large-scale infrastructure poses increased risks and rather limited ability to control its resources.

Threats to different types of data can come from your employees, vendors, and consultants who have access to your network, and from people outside your organization.

One of the main sources of security threats is the server of centralized management of virtual infrastructure, gaining control over which the attacker gets full access to all virtual machines, virtualization hosts, virtual networks, and Data Rooms.

Therefore, it is necessary to do the following actions:

  • to carefully protect the management server itself, 
  • to pay close attention to the means of authentication and delimitation of access rights, for which it makes sense ;
  • to use additional software designed specifically for virtual infrastructures. The virtualization server should be accessed through secure protocols, and administrators should be restricted by IP address.

How to keep your data safe in a Digital Room?

The use of specialized software for the virtual environment requires a significant change in approaches to information security of Data Rooms. The solution of security problems combines traditional and specific solutions with features that in the process of performing tasks must be optimized to save productivity of the virtual environment with the protection of information and cloud resources.

The effective means of Virtual Data service protection include:

  • the trusted download of virtualization servers, virtual machine, virtualization management servers;
  • segmentation of the virtual infrastructure for the processing of personal data by a user or group of users;
  • identification and authentication of access and access objects in the Virtual Room, including administrators of virtualization management;
  • access control of access subjects to access objects in the virtual infrastructure, including inside virtual machines;
  • management of information flows between the components of the virtual infrastructure, as well as along the perimeter of the virtual infrastructure.

Does Virtual Data Room need antivirus?

For anti-virus protection of Virtual Data Rooms, it is better to use an agentless approach that provides comprehensive security without installing an agent module in a protected system, in a virtual device is implemented in the virtual environment – a security gateway that takes over antivirus functions for all virtual machines.

To reduce the operating costs associated with virtualization security, it is recommended that you use specially designed software that is adapted for cloud computing.

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