Eset or Avast – Which is Better of This Year?

Both Eset and Avast offer security solutions for desktops and mobile devices. It’s quite difficult to choose between them as both are the leader in the cybersecurity space. Thus, it’s reasonable to find out what strengths and weaknesses each solution can offer. In this review are disclosed the results of research each of these leading companies. Eset or Avast – which is better? Let’s look at their main features.

Basic Features – Eset vs Avast

Every day the experts of the AV-Test institute detect more than 350,000 new malware. It’s really scary, considering that people store crucial data and money in cyberspace. Thanks to providers of security solutions we have possibilities to get great protection. It’s not a secret, that the best protection is provided by a comprehensive antivirus plan with a wide range of advanced options and tools, rather than by free antivirus packages. Eset and Avast are the best antivirus providers, taking into account the results of various tests.

For example, Eset has a lot of experience in antivirus research and development techniques. This company can offer some useful and even unique options. The main features of Eset’s product are the following:

  • it’s applicable for users of desktops (Linux, Mac, Windows) and mobile devices (Android)l
  • users can scan the whole device or a concrete file or folder. Moreover, it provides customers with a possibility to check network, USB, DVD, etc.;
  • customers can benefit from a user-friendly interface;
  • it provides users with safe banking and online purchasing experience.

Eset protects all files in the case if a user faces with thieves (specific tools allow to set up a connection with a webcam of a stolen device, there is a possibility to track down a thief’s location and get access to crucial data).

Meanwhile, the benefits of Avast Antivirus are the following:

  • it’s available for desktops (Mac, Windows) and mobile devices (Android, iOS);
  • Avast Antivirus focuses on comprehensive system scanning in real-time;
  • customers have access to a user-friendly interface;
  • Avast Antivirus scans user’s device automatically as soon as the app is installed;
  • there is no reason for users to worry while browsing and downloading with Avast;
  • Avast allows customers to securely manage passwords on various websites;
  • the product offers a VPN for private or anonymous use of the Internet.

A Quick Rundown of the Winner in Different Categories

It’s quite difficult to make a decision between the two leading products. Let’s see which one is the best choice for you, using a light rundown.

  1. Features

Compared to Eset, Avast provides users with more security-enhancing options and tools with its premium security solutions.

  1. Protection against malware

Avast offers the highest level of protection against malware. The products from this company outperformed solutions from Eset in various independent tests.

  1. System Performance

That’s good news! Products from both Avast and ESET don’t slow down the system.

  1. Usability

A user interface of Avast is a little bit more intuitive, although users who want to have more control over all operations will more likely choose Eset’s product.

  1. Pricing

Compared to Avast, products offered by Eset are cheaper, providing users with a wide range of useful features.

  1. Customer Service

According to the results of tests organized by independent organizations, Eset scores are much higher than Avast in terms of customer satisfaction.


Avast is the overall winner. This company provides customers with more useful, advanced features, related to security than Eset. Different independent tests showed that both products put minimal strain on system performance, but Avast offers better protection against malware than ESET.

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