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Get to Know How to Temporarily Disable Avast

Often there are situations when you need to disable the antivirus temporarily. Many users of this antivirus are increasingly trying to find information on how to temporarily disable Avast. Today, this antivirus is one of the most popular in the world.

Then Why One Should Stop the Work of This Antivirus?

The reasons can be very different. For example, many users note that very often the antivirus (the firewall is built into it) interferes with the local network, or when a user tries to configure the distribution of the Internet via a Wi-Fi network from his computer or laptop. To check, we stop the antivirus, and if the problem is gone, then add the connection to the exception, or solve the problem in some other way.

Many disable the antivirus during the installation of a program or game. This is often written in the installation instructions. Most likely these are hacked games and applications, the installation of which the antivirus will simply block. Well, there are situations when the same blocks the functionality of “clean” files. And this often happens when users need to open or move, but the antivirus does not allow it.

Therefore, you can simply temporarily stop the operation of all, or some screens, and start them again. It all depends on which mode you choose in antivirus settings.

How to Ultimately Get the Antivirus Working for a While?

To completely turn off the antivirus, stop the operation of all screens, just right-click on the antivirus icon, select “Manage Screens” and select one of 4 options:

  • Disable for 10 minutes – after 10 minutes, protection will be enabled automatically;
  • Disable for 1 hour – after an hour, the antivirus will start working;
  • Disconnect before the computer restarts – protection will be disabled until the port until you restart the computer, or turn it on manually;
  • Disable forever – you can only enable antivirus manually.

Disable protection (each module separately) through the antivirus settings

There is one more option. Open the antivirus window, go to “Settings”, on the “Components” tab. There you can separately disable each component. For example, stop only the Web Screen component. If the antivirus does not allow access to some website or download some file from the Internet.

When disconnecting each component, it is also possible to select the disconnect option. At a specific time, until reboot, or forever.

Game Mode

It is also worth highlighting information about disabling the antivirus in game mode. How to do it? In this mode, you can simply turn off all notifications. Thus, Anti-Virus will not distract you from the game with its messages about various threats, updates, etc. There are two ways to enable game mode in the same way.

The first way: just click on the icon with the right mouse button and put a checkmark next to the item “Without notifications”. Or in the antivirus settings, on the same tab “Components”. There it is called “Game Mode”.

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