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IPVanish vs NordVPN vs PIA: Choosing the TOP-1

If you are still interested in the question IPVanish vs NordVPN vs PIA which one is better, you first need to understand for what purpose each of the virtual private networks is suitable. If you know it well, it becomes evident that NordVPN is the best option for those users who prefer a streaming video viewing service called Netflix.

In turn, IPVanish is the most suitable option for those consumers who are interested in simultaneously connecting a large number of devices. A distinctive feature of this system is its significant number of simultaneous connections and a high degree of multi-platform support.

As for Private Internet Access (PIA), this virtual private network is perfect for those users who are very interested in the issue of connection speed. For this platform, it is over 84 Mbps.

Today, almost all people are always connected to the Internet. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even a watch have the function of direct connection to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. That is why the choice of the most optimal service that provides virtual private network services is one of the most pressing issues not only for the provider but also for the end-user.

Testing Local Connection Speeds for U.S. Residents

Local connection speed testing is performed to determine the maximum level of performance that users can get from their connection, taking into account the link to the virtual private network. If you want to check the servers in the USA, you can take turns connecting each of the providers and testing the connection speed for several minutes.

International Connection Speed ​​for US-UK Residents

Often, end users, when connected to the Internet, can become the object of tracking information from Internet companies and advertisers. Sometimes there are cases that hackers or other dishonest people may steal user data.

In order to evaluate the level of protection of confidential data from the virtual private network, check the following parameters:

  • A virtual private network server located in a country that takes privacy issues seriously or not?
  • Does the private virtual network keep logs showing online end-user activity?
  • Does the private virtual network accept cryptocurrency payments, or does it have other payment methods?

The central server of the company NordVPN is located in Panama. Therefore dishonest companies can take advantage of the lack of legislation in this country on the storage of confidential data. This virtual private network provider does not use logs that record online user activity. The platform also has the ability to accept various cryptocurrencies as payment.

The main servers of IPVanish are located in the USA, and despite this, users of this service are not entirely safe. The fact is that U.S. law regarding data privacy is continuously undergoing changes. Therefore, everything can change at any time. As for the magazine that tracks user activity, this network does not store information about its end users. As for the payment method, this provider does not accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Private Internet Access servers are located in the United States, and accordingly, the data privacy policy is also in question. At the same time, this platform offers one of the most lucrative financial offers that is only $ 3.33 for an annual subscription. The company also does not keep records of user activity and does not accept payments using cryptocurrencies.

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