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Spectrum Home Security: To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you are still in the process of finding the most convenient and high-quality system, you should definitely consider a product such as Spectrum Home Security. When choosing a security system for your home, you must carefully weigh all the facts and parameters that each product has. Trying to protect your home and family members further, you need to make an informed choice regarding the most secure system.

That is why a comprehensive analysis and the ratio of all safety parameters will help you:

  1. Find better products that prevent false alarms;
  2. Reduce the cost of premiums;
  3. Get all the benefits of buying a smart home system.

The Main Advantage of the System:

  • Convenient and comprehensive service;
  • Full home automation capability.

The Main Disadvantages of the System:

  • Customer service level;
  • The need to install additional services.

Reputation and Trust in the Security System

The manufacturer of this system was established in 1989. Since 2011, the company began to deal with home security issues and develop security systems automation projects. Since 2013, the company has launched sales of its products throughout the United States. Today, this security system is not available as a separate service and without fail includes security packages and other existing facilities within the system. Today, the service is available in 29 States and ranks second in terms of reaching US users.

Despite the very high level and rating that the security system received, they still have problems with customer service. That is why this system was able to score only 51 points in the American rating of customer satisfaction, which was published in 2015.

Full Monitoring System

To date, the minimum contract that a client can sign with a company to ensure high-quality monitoring of the security system is at least 18 months old and costs from $ 39.99. Besides, you will definitely need to use an additional broadband service, which will cost another $ 39.99.

The company also independently manages its UL certified service. However, the central monitoring options are limited on the part of the company due to the fact that customers will need to connect broadband Internet access and reserve a separate cellular channel for themselves in the event of a system failure.

In addition, the home security package includes unique interactive features that allow the user to administer the security of their home at a remote distance. The company, in turn, also offers various packages with advanced features. This package includes the capabilities of video monitoring and home automation systems.

Customer Service

Despite the rather high official rating of the service, they still have problems with customer service. For more than two years, the company has been offering security services called smart home; however, on the Internet, you can find a large number of reviews and reviews that contain very negative opinions regarding:

  • Poor system installation;
  • Systematic equipment problems;
  • Low functionality smart home security system;
  • Inconsistency of the declared technical information with reality.

Nevertheless, the company is making great enough efforts to improve customer service under the Smart Home program.

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